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Your Vision
My Life Survey

Are you wondering if you should invest in yourself and your future? Take this short quiz to find out.

Check yes or no YES NO
I take time out for myself on a regular basis.
I am pleased and satisfied with my overall health and wellness.
My career/work is fulfilling and keeps me motivated and energized.
Most of the time I happy being single (or in a committed relationship with my spouse/partner).
I know my needs, wants, values and goals and work toward attaining them.
My personal life is free of clutter and complexities.
My professional life does not overwhelm or frustrate me.
I contemplate what is meaningful to me and regularly re-examine my values and priorities.
I work hard and I also take time for spontaneous activities without feeling guilty.
I am confident in my abilities and the choices I make.

Give yourself one point for every no you circled and zero points for every yes you circled. Tally up the number of no’s.

7-10 points: You are ready to make the investment in YOU. You have one life – what are you doing with it?

4-6 points: You are almost there. Spend time reviewing your values and your goals. Explore opportunities to remove the obstacles that keep showing up in your life.

0-3 points: You have a great attitude about yourself, your environment and your future. Be sure to take the time to express gratitude and celebrate your accomplishments. You deserve it!